Housing for the Homeless

1/18/12 HHC Meeting Information Attachments

2011 PIT Homeless Survey

A Plan:  Not A Dream – How to End Homeless In Ten Years – National Alliance to End Homelessness

Fact Sheet – What is a Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness? – National Alliance to End Homelessness

Rapid City Five Year Plan to End Homelessness and Five Year Strategic Plan Table

Links from the January Housing for the Homeless Meeting:

North Dakota’s Ten-Year Plan

Wisconsin’ Ten-Year Plan

HEARTH Homeless Definition – Final Rule

New Emergency Solutions Grant – Interim Rules


2011 Summer - Minnehaha County

Total Individual Surveyed               249

Total Homeless Counted               173

Total Children Counted                  224

Total Homeless                               646

 2011 Summer Homeless Count Results for Minnehaha County


2011 Summer - Pennington County

Total Individual Surveyed               228

Total Homeless Counted               165

Total Children Counted                  113

Total Homeless                               506

 2011 Summer Homeless Count Results for Pennington County


South Dakota Statewide 2011 Homeless Count Results

Total Individual Surveyed               597

Total Homeless Counted               479

Total Children Counted                  377

Total Homeless                               1,453


Click here to view the 2011 Homeless Count Results