Housing for the Homeless

SD Housing for the Homeless Consortium June 19th Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2012

Housing for the Homeless Consortium Meeting

The Housing for the Homeless Consortium meeting was held on June 19, 2012 beginning at 1:00 PM. 

Guest speaker Anne Doyle provided an overview of how their community of Boulder, CO created a warming center and medical respite center.

Ten Year Plan

Lisa Bondy provided an update on the ten year plan committee.  The core committee members include Barb Garcia, Brett Johnson, Wendy Figland, Stacy Tieszen, Andrea Denke, Betty Durfee, Briget Solomon, Lisa Bondy and Lorraine Polak.    The committee has met several times via conference call.  At this time the committee has decided to follow the federal 10 year plan and formulate goals based on the 4 main goals of the federal plan.  The four areas are Family Homelessness, Chronic Homelessness, Veterans, and Other category encompassing individuals with disabilities, youth, parolees, etc.

The Cities of Sioux Falls and Rapid City currently have plans implemented.  The National Alliance to End Homelessness website has sample 10 year plans along with plans from other states.  Everyone is encouraged to review other ten year plans to help formulate South Dakota’s.  The goal is to have a ten year plan created by the end of 2012.  If anyone is interested in participating in one of the sub-groups created within the ten year plan committee they are to contact Lisa Bondy. 

Homeless Count

In January, a committee was also established to review the homeless count process and survey questions.  The current questions are sometimes upsetting to those being interviewed and the form is considered too long by others.  Stacy Tieszen is the coordinator for this committee.  The committee has met and is revising the forms which will be sent to the consortium for comments and questions.  The question was asked whether there could be different surveys for different areas of the state.  The committee will discuss this possibility.  The homeless count is scheduled September 25th

Shireen Ranschau asked if we could have someone in each county to be our contact person regarding the homeless count.  This would give us a point of contact after the letters have been sent.   It was also asked whether letters and survey forms were being sent to Dept. of Social Services, Head Start centers and Catholic Services across that state.

Changes in Homeless Definition

Amanda Benton with the National Alliance to End Homelessness provided an update on the definition of homelessness and the changes resulting from the implementation of the HEARTH Act.

2011 Continuum of Care funding

South Dakota was successful in receiving approval for over $1.6 million in CoC funding for 2011.  Renewal funding of $1.1 million was approved for 7 projects and an additional $441,397 was approved for 4 new projects.  The new projects are - BMS for The Stages in Rapid City, ICAP for Heartland House #3 in Sioux Falls, VOA for transitional living program in Aberdeen and Shelter Plus Care vouchers for Safe Home in Sioux Falls. 

The 2012 NOFA for CoC funding hasn’t been released.  There will be some changes due to HEARTH Act implementation.    Anyone interested in applying for funding should contact Lisa Bondy. 

Happenings Across the State

Rapid City

  • Continue operation for the Crisis Center which is open 24 hrs. – 7 days a week.  It has been in operation for about 18 months.
  • Continue Re-bound Program.
  • DOC Re-entry program has one year of funding left.
  • Bank On has been operating for approximately 8 months.  Local banks and savings and loans are providing bank services through this program.


  • Will be hosting their first project connect on September 25th.
  • Their homeless consortium is becoming more active – there are 20 people attending the meetings.
  • For the domestic violence shelter, the local motel now wants to charge the shelter for any damage caused by individuals being housed by the shelter.  They are looking for alternative locations for homeless individuals.
  • Journey Church has renovated one apartment to assist a homeless household.

Sioux Falls

  • Since Salvation Army will no longer be operating their warming center, Sioux Falls is looking to create a warming shelter that will operate October – April.
  • Locally they are working on a housing trust fund to serve individuals 30% - 50% AMI.
  • Project Connected is providing food every Friday for individuals and families.  Food is given away to approximately 480 households each week.  There seems to be new families in poverty.
  • Beginning August 1, ICAP is entering into a master lease for 11 apartments under their Heartland House 3 project that was awarded CoC funding under the 2011 application.  Typically ICAP has 20 families on their waiting list.
  • Sioux Falls Housing has received an additional 25 HUD Vash –vouchers.


  • Change in program regulations now allow veterans who are incarcerated but on work release, to be eligible to receive VA benefits. 
  • SDHDA will be submitting an application for the HUD Section 811 PRA Demonstration program.  Contact Lorraine Polak at SDHDA if you have any questions.
  • HUD was conducting a CoC self-check-up to let continuums self-evaluate their organization.  The PAC members took the surveys with the information submitted to HUD.  By going through this process South Dakota Housing for the Homeless Consortium may be eligible to receive technical assistance from HUD as changes to the programs are implemented.