Housing for the Homeless

CoC Consolidated Application

HUD allocates homeless assistance grants to organizations that participate in local homeless assistance program planning networks.  Each of these networks is called a Continuum of Care (CoC).  In order to access these funds, SDHHC must submit a HUD Continuum of Care Consolidated Application.

2018 CoC Consolidated Application Documents

CoC Competition Timeline
Pre-Application - Deadline: 5 p.m., (CDT), Monday, July 23, 2018 
CoC Competition Rate, Rank, Review and Selection Criteria

Funding Competition Ranking

Cornerstone Rescue Mission Permanent Supportive Housing-2018
Marissa's Project

2018 SD-500 CoC Collaborative Aplication  
Cornerstone Apartments Permanent Supportive Housing 
Lewis and Clark Housing Project
SD-500 CoC Statewide HMIS FY2018 
SD-500 CoC SSO CES FY2018 
SD-500 CoC Planning Application FY 2018 
Shelter Plus Care SF III 2018 Renewal 4 unit
Shelter Plus Care 2018
Safe Home - Renewal 2018


2017 CoC Consolidated Application Documents

CoC Collaborative Application
Coc Priority Listing
CoC Planning Grant
SDHDA - Coordinated Entry, Support Services Only
Sioux Falls Permanent Support Housing Bonus
Sioux Falls Housing Shelter+Care III Renewal Application
Sioux Falls Housing Shelter+Care I Renewal Application
Sioux Falls Housing Safe Home Renewal Application
Heartland House III Renewal Application
Heartland House I & II Renewal Application
Homeless Management Information (HMIS) Renewal Application
Cornerstone Apartments Renewal Application
Lewis and Clark Housing Project Renewal Application
South Dakota Statwide CoC Timeline
Notice of Funding for the FY 2017 COC Program Competition
PAC Priority and Ranking Policy, Exhibit A and B
Funding Competition Ranking

2016 CoC Consolidated Application Documents