Housing for the Homeless

Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness

In September 2003, Governor Rounds signed Executive Order 03-7 to establish the South Dakota Interagency Council on Homelessness to evaluate and address homelessness issues in South Dakota. Governor Rounds' action supported President Bush's federal Interagency Council initiatives, which were created after it was determined that twenty percent of homeless individuals, those now categorized as chronically homeless, use eighty percent of the federal funding resources targeted for homeless initiatives.

The Council consists of the Governor; Cabinet Secretaries from the Departments of Health, Human Services, Social Services, Corrections, Education, and Labor; the Adjutant General of Military and Veteran's Affairs; the Director of Tribal Government Relations; and the Executive Director of the South Dakota Housing Development Authority.

The Council is challenged with a variety of duties including identifying and defining homeless issues, determining effective strategies for the prevention of homelessness in South Dakota, providing public education to, and working with various advocacy, business, and faith-based groups and consumers regarding policy and program development.