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South Dakota Housing for the Homeless Consortium

Formed in 2000, the South Dakota Housing for the Homeless Consortium is a statewide organization consisting of service providers, individuals, city/county governments, faith-based organizations and state government all working together to address homelessness in our state. The Consortium believes that housing and other basic human needs should be within everyone's reach in an affordable and dignified manner. Our vision is to empower homeless individuals and families to regain self-sufficiency to the maximum extent possible. The Consortium’s Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness describes in detail our vision and values along with specific goals, objectives and action steps intended to help prevent and end homelessness in South Dakota.

What we do:
The Consortium was formed to access HUD's Continuum of Care funding, which has provided over $17 million dollars of capital and operating funds to South Dakota since 2000. In addition, the Consortium has also expanded its efforts and knowledge of homelessness in South Dakota by facilitating meetings and events for individuals and organizations. This opportunity to collaborate is improving services and the access to services for our citizens and has also led to the creation of the following important events and organizations.

Annually the Consortium completes a statewide homeless count and survey. The count and survey provides historical and current information regarding who our homeless are, where they are located and what services they need to become self sufficient. This information is utilized by service agencies and government officials when evaluating programs and needed resources.

To obtain accurate information on South Dakota's homeless population, the Consortium is responsible for implementing and maintaining a software program called the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). It is the goal of the Consortium to have all agencies, who serve homeless individuals and families, utilize HMIS, providing one unified system with accurate and consistent information.

Many services for the homeless are administered by state and federal government agencies. To ensure the state agencies are involved and informed regarding homelessness in South Dakota, the Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness (Council) was created by Governor M. Michael Rounds via Executive Order 03-7, September 2003. The Council is challenged with a variety of duties including identifying and defining homeless issues, determining effective strategies for prevention of homelessness and providing public education and awareness.

The battle on homelessness has just begun. By working together as individuals, service agencies, nonprofits organizations and government agencies we will end homeless in South Dakota. We invite you to join the South Dakota Housing for the Homeless Consortium.


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